Do You have problems with growing soft berries?

You’re in good place.

We will plan your planting

We consult people as to start a plantation

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You will not only find helpful info on farming, but also alerts on current and upcoming industry events

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Designs of irrigation systems

We offer irrigation designs. We offer consulting in this area.

Implementation of new farming technologies

We implement helpful cultivation control systems. Contact us for details.

Our offer includes:

  • Professional consulting on berries cultivation
  • Sour Lithuanian peat of ph 3,5 4,5 (loose, BigBag or in sacks)
  • Professional help in starting berries plantation
  • Help in cultivating blueberries and HASKAP Lonicera caerulea
  • Help in certification
  • Implementing new planting systems (plant pots, tunnels and others)
  • Fertilizers and help in setting a proper fertilizing program

We’re pleased to invite  to co-operation all current and future farmers.

Thanks to co-operation we can achieve the best crops and ensure sales. We also aim at selling certified seedlings , as well as consulting on blueberry and Lonicera caerulea cultivation. Many years of co-operation with our current partners gives you quality guarantee. We can ensure sales for many years.

Paweł Wawryszczuk

+48 695 195 816


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