Mid chill Varieties

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O’Neal – mid chill – Recently, the popularity of the O’Neal blueberry has waned as newer varieties have been introduced. Often considered to have the best flavor of the Southern Highbush varieties, with large dark blue fruit that matures very early and for an extensive season. A self-fertile variety that needs only 400 hours of winter chill to bear fruit. Attractive gray-green foliage remains evergreen in mild winters; turns brilliant red before falling in colder climates 


Legacy blueberries are a highly adaptable variety for both fresh and process sales. This variety tends to be a little slower to produce in the first few years, however, yields can be very high once the plants become established. Legacy is a very productive blueberry that produces firm, sweet, aromatic fruit for an extended period in late mid-season. Fruit is large and stores well; plants are vigorous, upright and have good disease resistance. Legacy is one of several noteworthy blueberries from the USDA breeding program

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