Varieties of Haskap (Lonicera caerulea)

Varieties of Haskap (Lonicera caerulea)

Polish varieties

Zojka – early (late May). Very heavy fructification, mature fruit is sweet, the berries stick firmly to the bush, collecting demands heavy shaking. The advantage is that mature fruit does not fall off bush uncontrollably. The berry is elongated and rounded at the ends.

Wojtek – mid-early (early June). The harvest from one bush is 5 kilos, the fruit is tasty, sweet and sour, of great quality. The fruit can be shaken off the bush manually or mechanically. Grows very strongly, single berry mass is about 1,9 g, fusiform shape.

Jolanta – mid-early, very heavy fructification (a little less heavy than Wojtek); the fruit is tasty, sour and sweet with a touch of bitter. It can be shaken off the bush, its main use is a fertilizer for Wojtek, since both varieties blossom and mature around the same time.

Iga – mid –late; very heavy fructification, mature fruit is slightly sweet, it can be shaken off bush; the berry is elongated, rounded at ends.

Tola – mid –late; heavy fructifications, up to 4 kilos from one bush. Mature berries are slightly sweet and very aromatic. They need light to get full color, cannot grow in shade; the fruit is oval

Rebeka – late (late June); very heavy fructifications, up to 5 kilos from one bush; taste similar to wild forest blueberry. The berry firmly stick to the bush, like in the Zojka variety; when collected hastily, the berry can be damaged. The berry is oval.

Ruben – late; heavy fructifications, up to 3,5 kilos from one bush; mature fruit tastes a lot like the hishbush blueberry, the sweet berries can be shaken off the bush, mature fruit is of great quality; the shape is sharp, fusiform.

Old Russian varieties

Czelabinka, Dlinnopłodna, Sinogłazka, Wołoszebnica: fruit is small and sour, bushes are low as compared to polish varities

Bakczarskaja Jubilejnaja: promising, mid-early variety, mature late June; the fruit is very tasty and sweet; one bush produces up to 5 kilos.

Docz’Velikana (Giant’s Daughter): mid-early variety, matures late June, the characteristic feature of the variety is the size of the berry (similar to “Chandler” blueberry); the fruit is perfect in desserts

Vostrog and Jugana (late June): the most recently developed (2012 and 2010) Russian varieties; the creator predicts their great fertility (up to 6 kilos from a bush); fruit described as very tasty and sugary – in mature berries

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